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Ana Kastramana

Ana Kastramana

Important Information
Gender Female
Family Dead
Status Alive
Eye Color Dark Green
Hair Color Blond with strokes of swamp color.
Height 6 feet
Age 13

District 12

Weapons Knife (very rarely used)
Profession Tribute
Home District 12

Ana was born in a poor family of a coal miner. Her mother, being blind couldn't really work, so she stayed home and taught Ana. When Ana was a little bit more than 7, her father was killed for rebelling against the Capitol. He was very against the Capitol. Her mother not being able to take the loss committed suicide. Since then, Ana grew up as an orphan. She was always pushed around but tried not to get too much of her feelings and do something stupid - not that she really wanted to hurt someone.

Also, even though her parents died like that, Ana is very lucky. She is also very intelligent for her age, which is 13.


Ana is very shy and nice. She isn't very talkative and is very loyal. She hates to hurt people, even the ones she truly hates. She also can't stand to see other people being pushed around.


  • Luck - 10
  • Intelligence - 12
  • Strengh - 1
  • Charisma - 1
  • Skill - 1