This character is an OC, and is roleplayed by a user MangaFan.

Anastasoula Reveierra Tiashisohino is an Princess of Zialangolo Kingdom. She is also a sorceress and an elf.


Anastasoula is a very nice young lady.
She is very caring and will risk her own life to save those near to her. She will never abondon those in need of help. Anastasoula is very witty and will always make a plan to save everybody. In addition, the young lady hates it when she is being forced into doing something - she is a born leader, and hates it when others try to order her around. On the other hand, she would make a very loyal servent.


Anastasoula has three sisters and a brother. They are: Svetlanaousla Nieagra Tieslo (she is married so her name is changed), Elizavetaiouslia Reveierra Tiashisohino, and Stanislaouvaosla Reveierra Tiashisohino (they are all elves). The brother is Stanislaouvouslav Reveierra Tiashisohino (who is a demon). The mother of Anastasoula is a demon, whose name is Olganioslavia Reveierra Tiashisohino. The father on the other hand is an elf, whose name is Reveierra Nisomasssohigo Tiashisohino.


Anastasoula was born as a third child in her family. She was a good child from the start and was always very caring and compassionate. She was always the most serious one in her family. In any ways, nothing much is to be told about her, unless something interesting happens. By the human statistics, Anastasoula would be 500 years old right now, but by the statistics of magical beings, she is only 13.