(On the left is Anetta, on the right is Anabella.)


Anetta and Anabella are twins from a family of Wizard Bezirus Knightswell II and Witch Organa Knightswell.


Anetta Knightswell has long wavy blond hair and brown eyes. She usually wears a white T-shirt on top of which a black dress to the knees. On her neck she wears a black scarf with white ornaments - flowers. Also, she likes to wear a white apron on her dress. As for legs, she usually wears short white socks and black shiny shoes. Plus, she likes to wear a black hat with a purple ribbon tied around it.

Anabella Knightswell has short dark reddish hair and brown eyes. Usually, she wears a red dress with a thin brown belt fastened on her waist. She also wears white material in the shape of sleeves on her arms which are fastened with small, thin, red ribbons. On her neck she wears a very short white shroud around which she wears a small orange scarf. On her legs she wears short white socks and brown shoes. On her head she wears a small black hat on which there is a big red ribbon.