As befitting her title "Madame Red", Angelina almost always wears red clothing and makeup. She also often wears a red hat and carries a red parasol. Strangely she wears black glowes. Her blood red hair is kept in a bobcut. Her eyes are of the same red color.


In the past Angelina was withdrawn and shy. When Vincent gave her a compliment, she became more self confident. She also appears to hate color red, as it also goes with all bad events in her life.

Her distant belief is that ladies should appear innocent, naive, fragile, and cheerful, particularly around their lords. Also, they should smile more and act oblivious to all problems.


Ciel Phantomhive -- Nephew

Rachel Phantomhive -- Sister

Earl Vincent Phantomhive -- Brother-in-law


Angelina Durless was a sister of Rachel Phantomhive. When she was young, she hated red very much. But one man changed it. His name was Earl Vincent Phantomhive. He told Angelina that red really suited her and that she should be more proud of it. Since then, she began to love red. At the same time, she fell in love with Earl.

Some time later, Rachel and Earl decided to marry. Angelina was very happy for them, even if her love was not having the same feelings for her. Some years later, Rachel and Earl had a child, his name was Ciel Phantomhive.

Some time later, Angelina met a man she would marry. They married and lived happily. Some time later, Angelina got pregnant. Just some time before the child was to be born, Angelina's husband and she crashed into another carriage while riding to do some business. Her husband died a little time later, and Angelina's child and womb had to be cut annihilated.

She was still a bit ill, when Rachel invited her to her house for Ciel's birthday. When Angelina arrived, there, the house was burning. No one was found alive and Ciel just plain dissappeared.

Some months passed and Ciel was found with Sebastian at his side.

Two years passed since that day, and there was a special someone who killed women, also referred to as "Jack the Ripper." It was Angelina (or Madam Red) and Grell Sutcliff.

Eventually they were found out and the "Jack The Ripper" was annihilated.

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