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"Anna021 ready." - quote by Anna Selezneva

Anna Selezneva

Anna Selezneva

Commander Spy
Vital Statistics
Date of Birth February 13th, 9008
Current age 16
Gender Female

Sister: Nina Selezneva

Mom: Unknown

Dad: Unknown

Status Alive
Eye Color Turquoise/Light Cyan/Light Blue
Hair Color Blond
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Alias Anna021
Affiliation USA Spy Station, Russia Spy Station
Weapons Lazer Gun
Species Human
Home Unknown
Appearances All


Anna is very serious but can be goofy sometimes. Since she is the Commander Spy she is very thoughtful and is always planning at least 4 steps ahead.


Anna has a sister, who is a spy too. Her sister's name is Nina Selezneva.


Anna comes from a family of military leaders, pilots, warriors, and spies. So technically Anna was expected to become one of those. At the age of 13 she became a spy, since that was the age to start working. Right now, at the age of 16, Anna is the commander spy of her team - S.A.V.I.O.R.S.


  • Lazer Gun - a special gun which can kill anyone in fraction of a second.

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