This character is an OC and is roleplayed by ChangingGuy.

Dinis is a half dog demon of the Hinu clan. He is the pack leader of the Hinu No Tisho pack.


Dinis is a very brave and funny boy. He would never leave his
Dog boy!
friends in times of trouble and might even save his enemy! He really cares for his family, although they don't like him that much.


Even though Dinis is only a 100 years old (in magical statistics), he has been though a LOT. At his young ages, he has been kept as a slave by a very rich family. That lasted for at least 20 years. Then, somehow, he managed to escape. Not like the fact made gave him any credit! He lived like a rogue for a long time, trying not to get killed by humans, or not be eaten by demons or something like that. Finally, the fate decided to give him a chance and showed him the path to his kind of dog demons. The Hinu clan. There he met up with his father and siblings (oooh, those siblings did not like the poor Dinis one bit!) and where he was made into a pack leader of the Hino No Tisho Pack. Nothing else happened to him, unless you can look into the future.


His family is located below:


Mura (sister)


Buro (brother)

Cat girl-CUTE

Lulia (sister)




Gothic (brother)