Personal Information
Date of Birth December 25
Current age 15
Gender Female
Family Twin Sister: Gabola
Status Healer
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blue
Height 5 feet 24 inches
Alias Unknown
Affiliation Quizilipiorat Kingdom
Weapons Magic
Species Human
Home Quizilipiorat Kingdom

This character is an OC and is roleplayed by user Aisatsana Nimortsok.

Gabora and her sister Gabola are healers. Sometimes, people come from far away lands to get themselves healed from very bad deceases.


Gabora has raven black hair that reaches waist when let loose. Her eyes are big and blue.

As for the wear, Gabora usually wears a yellow/light hazel kimono, with red/orange/yellow flowers (ornaments) on some sides of it. She uses an blue ribbon to hold the kimono in place. The kimono reaches a little bit lower than her knees.

Gabora refuses to wear anything on her feet and so always goes barefoot.


Gabora is a nice young girl. She is very friendly and loves taking care of children. All in love, Gabora loves to help people, and her knowlege in magic lets her help others.


Gabora and her sister Gabola were orphants and so nothing is known about their parents or other relatives.


Since Gabora and Gabola were orphants, they were treated very badly by other people. But, as the saying goes, those who go through bad times, will see mercy at some period. When they both were 7, a wizard picked them up and made them his apprentices. They learned from him for 6 years, and then, from some decease, Allacuardus (the wizard) died. Since then, both Gabola and her sister began helping people in need with their magical abilities.