Personal Information
Date of Birth February 28
Current age 12
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Noble
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Black
Height 3 feet
Alias Unknown
Affiliation Quizilipiorat Kingdom
Weapons Magic, her servants
Species Pixie
Home Quizilipiorat Kingdom

This character is an OC and is roleplayed by user Aisatsana Nimortsok.

Ginssa is a pixie and a noble. Even though she is very young (she is 12 in both pixie and human years), she is already taken as an adult.


Ginssa has black hair that reaches her shoulder blades when let loose. Her eyes are piercing dark blue.

Ginssa usually wears a very dark blue dress, which short and puffy white sleeves with dark red ribbons attached to them. On her feet, Ginssa usually wears knee high boots. Also, Ginssa likes to wear a dark red rose tucked into her hair.


Ginssa is very smart. She is very knowlegable for her age and is very loyal. She will never betray anyone, and will work out her debts truthfully. Ginssa hates to talk about her past, but maybe, she will tell it to someone someday.




Ginssa's history is unknown at the moment, since she hates to talk about it. But one day, maybe, she'll tell it to someone.