King Uran
King Uran
King of the Quizilipiorat Kingdom
Personal Information
Date of Birth January 1
Current age Unknown
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Status King
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Height 8 feet
Alias Unknown
Affiliation Quizilipiorat Kingdom
Weapons Black Scythe, Soldiers
Species Devil
Home Quizilipiorat Kingdom

This character is an OC and is roleplayed by user Aisatsana Nimortsok.

King Uran is a devil and at the same time ruler of the Quizilipiorat Kingdom.


Uran is a devil, and so has a strange color of skin. In this case it's gray. On his left cheek there is a red cross - which is a sign on a speacial king of devil (in this case it's a Fire Devil. If Uran gets really angry, or feels a very strong emotion at all, his eyes glow bright yellow.

Uran's hair is jet black and is very short.

King Uran can wear practically anything that consists of colors red and black. But usually he wears a black and red shirt (as shown in the picture on the left). As for the lower part, he always wears black pants tucked into knee high, shiny, black boots.


Uran is a leader. He is very respected by everyone in his Kingdom and even by his enemies. He is very smart and calculating. Before doing anything he always thinks and rethinks about every detail. He is very calm, and does not like to talk about his family.




Practically nothing is known about King Uran, except that he ruled Quizilipiorat for more than 900 years. He was always a good ruler, so nobody bothered asking Uran about his history, since it was known the King didn't like talking about it.