Personal Information
Date of Birth May 9
Current age 14
Gender Female
Family Unknown
Status Explorer
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Chestnut
Height 6 feet
Alias Unknown
Affiliation Quizilipiorat Kingdom
Weapons Magic
Species Human
Home Quizilipiorat Kingdom

This character is an OC and is roleplayed by user Aisatsana Nimortsok.

Remni is from an ancient family of explorers and had already traveld most of the Quizilipiorat Kingdom.


Remni chestnut hair to her knees. Usually she carried it in two hair tails secured by pink ribbons. Her eyes are of violet color. Remni herself is very pale.

Remni will wear anything she has to or can, but usually she wears a white shirt on top of which a dark red, sleeve-less dress. The dress has yellow ribbons on the front. Also a purple ribbon secures the dress, being tied behind. On the sleeves of the shirt there are pink ribbons near the wrists, and special bracelets near the shoulders.

In addition, Remni wears dark brown leggins. On top of them she wears pink low heeled shoes.


Nice, friendly, loyal. She will risk everything to save the person she cares for the most. Remni is daring and curious. Her belief is that a woman should always be strong and be able to do anything.

Quote: "A woman must be able to fight, to kill. To birth, to teach, to protect. A woman must be stronger than anything to protect everything she loves."




Remni was from a very ancient family of explorers. So when she was just 4, her father started teaching her everything about exploring and such.

When Remni turned 11, her parents were lost. Nothing was known of them - where they went, what happened to them and such.

Since that time, Remni started exploring the kingdom she lived in and traveled.