This character is an OC, and is roleplayed by user MangaFan.
Reveierra Nisomasssohigo Tiashisohino. He is the King of the Zialangolo Kingdom. He is an elf, although by appearance, he took after his father who was a demon.


Reveierra is a born leader. He hates those who try to control him. He is also very strict with his children. He always taught his children, and never wanted servants or slaves. On the other hand, he is a bit naive and trusting. He easily forgives. He is very diplomatic.


He has his wife, and four children. His uncestors are unknown at the moment, and he rarely talks about them. The wife is Olganioslavia Reveierra Tiashisohino - she is a demon. His four daughters are: Svetlanaousla Nieagra Tieslo (she is married so her name is changed), Anastasoula Reveierra Tiashisohino, Elizavetaiouslia Reveierra Tiashisohino, and Stanislaouvaosla Reveierra Tiashisohino (they are all elves). His son, on the other hand, differs from his daughters, he is a demon - his name is Stanislaouvouslav Reveierra Tiashisohino.


It is unknown who he was, from what family he came, and all of that. It is only known that his father was a demon, his mother an elf, and that he married a demoness.