This character is an OC, and roleplayed by the user MangaFan.

Svetlanaousla Nieagra Tieslo is a Queen of the Hieagliotiozirio Land. She is married to Daviolisd Nieagra Tieslo, who is the King of the HIeagliotiozirio Land. Unlike her sisters Anastasoula, Svetlanaousla doesn't have any magical abilities.


Svetlanaousla is a very free and stubborn person.
She does not like to be ordered around, but likes to make orders. The young woman, isn't as kind as her sister Anastasoula, Svetlanaousla doesn't take to be lied to. She has a very hard time forgiving those who tried to abandon her, and serve someone else.


Svetlanaousla has three sisters and a brother. They are: Anastasoula Reveierra Tiashisohino, Elizavetaiouslia Reveierra Tiashisohino, and Stanislaouvaosla Reveierra Tiashisohino (they are all elves). The brother is Stanislaouvouslav Reveierra Tiashisohino (who is a demon). The mother of Svetlanaousla is a demon, whose name is Olganioslavia Reveierra Tiashisohino. The father on the other hand is an elf, whose name is Reveierra Nisomasssohigo Tiashisohino.


Svetlanaousla was born as the first child in the family. At first she was a good child, but in some perioud of her life, she turned into a very bad child. Of course, many times, everyone tried to stop her, but she continued to do it. Finally one day, on her 1,145 birthday (30 in magical statistics), a young charming prince came up to her and begged for her hand! She fell in love at first sight, and they both married becoming the King and Queen of Hieagliotiozirio Land. It is unknown how, but Daviolisd changed the young woman. Nothing else happened in their life, unless it will happen.