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  • AliceOfLight

    New Icon

    March 22, 2012 by AliceOfLight

    Hii, so i did my new icon (finally) I am taking requests so just ask and I'll do one! I do: OC's (you'd need to tell me simple details such as age, hair colour, eye colour, anything like that) Icons of you (I won't need a picture; but again just the same details as the oc)

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  • AliceOfLight


    March 21, 2012 by AliceOfLight

    Sooo, I have nothing to do >..> any suggestions?

    I'm colouring manga on photoshop right now, but its really boring and I'm almost done ¬_¬ I may post it on here later if I remember, but then again, this is me, and I rarely remeber things like that >.> that why my DeviantArt account is soo empty O:

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